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A new experience

Dexios Bible Study Tool is the free and open source experience you've been looking for!

With dozens of free Bibles and literature, you'll wonder why you've been using anything else. Dexios Bible Study Tool is free and will always remain free. That is our promise to you, so don't be afraid to download today!

Room to read

Are you tired of user interface clutter? Are you looking for a simple, real-estate efficient, user interface experience? Dexios Bible Study Tool gives you the space you need to enjoy God's Word in its entirety. By categorizing the literature, getting rid of complex and inefficient views, and supplementing you with ease of access, you are offered the room you need to breathe.


Chose not to be limited to Windows? Have you fallen in love with another operating system? I hope that's Linux! We love Linux, too! And, so, Dexios Bible Study Tool is designed to support Linux. You can experience Dexios Bible Study Tool in Linux the same way you would in Windows!

Currently, you need to manually compile the program in Linux to use it. Don't worry, though, we provide instructions on how to do so.

Mac users: we're not necessarily leaving you in the dark. Unfortunately, due to financial restraints, we're not able to compile, run and test the software for the Mac OS. However, don't get yourself down! Dexios Bible Study Tool uses software libraries that are compatible with the Mac OS. All we would need is a user with some C++ programming knowledge that has access to an Apple computer.

*-BSD users: unfortunately, i have no idea if Dexios BST can even compile on such systems. BSD users tend to know how to compile software on their system, so it'd be really nice if you could let me know if Dexios BST is compatible!

Android, iPhone, etc: sorry, we don't support these platforms; although, technically, it may be compatible, but the UI is not adaptive to that extent.

The Open-Source Promise

Dexios Bible Study Tool started off as open-source and it will end as open-source. Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2, we maintain that our program remain open. Whether modifications by third parties or not, you can rest assured that the source code will always be available to you. We will never charge you for our application. This does not mean that others can't charge you either but that if you want DBST for free, without payment, come get it through us. The source code is waiting for you, too.